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A Hand Up Not a Hand Out

DeliverTheWord started this conversation

I never thought I would ever be in this position.  Where I would be making a post and asking "complete" strangers to help me.  It was always my thought that my family would be there to lift me up when I fell down, to go to my Church, or that my Job would last forever.  Since that time of illusion, it has been to my dismay, that was not life, not reality.  We all have periods in our lives where we can't imagine the reality of where we will be at age 25, 30, or in our 40's.  We certainly don't dream that we would be asking for any type of help from the Government or any source other than hard work and a paycheck.  As I am watching the Security of jobs for most Americans go up in smoke, I know that the reality of this has not only hit home for me but for countless others in the United States and Abroad.  There are so many of us living from paycheck to paycheck, no paycheck, and in so many conditions that require help from others.  

In viewing the situation, I feel ashamed of asking for help.  I really felt in my heart at the age of soon to be 50 that I would be the one to help others.  All my life I wanted to be in a position to help others.  I wanted to be able to surf the net and find families that I could be of help to.  I never wanted a "Spotlight" giving forum, just the means to give without others knowing it was me.  To be able to watch as others were helped from difficult and temporary setbacks.  But it is me who stands in need of help.  Who would have thought or even dreamed that I would be the one to ask for any form of help. 

But I know that God is still able even in these times to touch others hearts to reach out and help you.  "You have not because you ask not".  So, I am asking for help in order to regain a position of being able to fullfill a lifelong dream of being Financially Whole and Healthy.  Not just to keep all of that to myself but pour back into those who helped me when I was in need. I pray that the Lord will lay it on your heart that I truly do need help and not have me to have to pour out all of those things in my heart so you will understand the sincerity of this request.  To have to fill out mountains of paperwork and post all of my personal history on the net.  Just be lead by the Lord and you will know that you are supposed to be the one to help.  No donations is too small, Thank You so Much in Advance.


Shirley Shaw, DeliverTheWord 


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 in response to Singing Blue Flo...   

My Faith in the Lord is the size of a grain of mustard seed, at this moment.  But I know in my heart that He cannot lie.  I don't think that one of us runs this race without having to tackle the one thing that will cripple us, "fear".  I don't believe that not one Christian has ever not had a "struggle" with their faith.  I believe.  But I also know that we as the human race are our "brother and sisters" keepers.  We should help one another. 

I am not of a Cain Spirit.  I am of the Spirit of Abel.  I know that I am being hindered because in my heart the one desire I have always had was to be in a position of giving.  The Lord knows my heart and knows that although I am a giver I don't know how to receive help well.  It's always been easy for me to help someone when I had money or not.  I knew that when I didn't have money but had gas in the car, a ride to and from work to a person walking can make all the difference in the world.  When I have money I can go and get food for someone who doesn't have any and leave it where they can find it.  I don't have to be known for giving. 

At this moment in my "walk with the Lord" I know that I will learn how to receive with the same grace as I give.  Only a fool would refuse instruction and I am no fool.  I will begin to search my heart again to find my lack of faith. 

 Shirley Shaw, DeliverTheWord

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Singing Blue Flo

Where is your faith my child? Trust in God, and only God. Humans fall short. I feel your pain and heartache. Once I let go of the stress, fear, and worry and trust that my Creator will provide, then it happens! I am disabled by a car wreck that left me with permanent injuries and memory loss, connective tissue disease, and fibromyalgia. The good old US government(great whore of Babylon) told me that they were going to cut my benefits. Gee. I am scraping by and barely eating. I prayed for a job as life has become sooo expensive. I went to job interviews and sent out my resume. The whole time I was doing this, I struggled and stressed over my predicament. Then one morning I realized what I was doing. I got in the way of God's plan for me. I doubted and didn't allow my faith to be stronger than my fear, stress, and worry. As soon as I affirmed this, a job came. It doesn't pay that great but I am happy and grateful that I have the job. If I keep relying on my Creator and keep doing the right thing, a better opportunity will come forward. Peace and May God bless you!

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